In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I am going to try and get my writing-shit together, even if only a teensy bit, by trying to write something every day. Generating content while trying to avoid any judgement of its quality.

It speaks to my personality that I don’t think I can do this without at least the illusion of an audience, some collection of internet ghosts– ghosts that will silently hold me culpable for my failures. I suppose I could create a new, separate space, but I feel scattered enough already, I want to avoid something that would allow even the tiniest bit more hesitation.

I considered picking a project to work on, shit sure they all need it, but I’ve got too many things on my plate (and too little certainty or focus) to pick something. Perhaps as I try to write as much as possible, something will push its way to the front row. For now I am content to push for whatever words will come to me.