I spent a considerable amount of time today going through some of the small images– photographs, magazine clippings, pages of books, drawings– that I’d shoved into various notebooks and folders. Decorating my apartment, I wondered about the overall visual effect of Gertrude Stein’s flat in Paris. (And Picasso, he, like I now, once lived in an apartment overlooking a cemetery.) Still more to go through, I always manage to have piles of papers.

Saw someone I rarely get to see tonight, he is moving back to Chicago soon and hearing his enthusiasm about returning further fueled my own enthusiasm despite the daunting approach to winter. Other thoughts about this to be articulated soon.

It was decided today that this year will be my first Christmas spent in Chicago. My parents and my brother will come out here from New York. I will get a Christmas tree. I’m quite excited. I am, however, taking a trip in December, earlier, to Los Angeles. I’m super excited about that too.