Here, we are approaching the time of year when my hands bleed out of nowhere, when my back aches from slouching in the cold. The time when pulling myself out of bed in the morning drags trails of blood and damp leaves across the floor. When I can’t seem to open doors properly, even when I have the keys. But for now, this? Right now? This is my favorite time of year.

Things are hectic and panicked, the way I claim to like them. I’m performing twice in the next week and a half: at the Chi-Town Clown Revue at the Neo-Futurarium on Sunday, and as a part of the B-side performance series after the October 30th performance of Blood Wedding at Oracle Theater. Of course I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me before either of those things can happen. Not to mention getting my Halloween costume(s) ready, dang. And there are always events to attend.

As always, I’m always exhausted. In my dreams I’m always in a rush, and have longer hair, and when I’m awake I always seem to be late and pulling out my eyebrows and forgetting to shower. But damn, sometimes when I’m walking down the sidewalk, I could sprint with excitement.