Going through my ever-present stacks of papers, I came across these thoughts regarding a Neo-Futurist piece I was working on in October 2009.

My coworker, Eli, just turned 34. Most of the time he works at a record store, but once a week we sell soup together. For years he made his living playing in a band with his two older brothers. It struck me as so strange, that someone more than twelve years older than me could be someone’s little brother. And some day my little brother will be 34, if nothing horrible happens. Eli laughs and says he was shocked to realize that he has lived longer than Jesus. This is something even little brothers can do. My brother will turn 34 in eighteen years, enough time for someone else’s baby brother to get old. I haven’t really been a part of his life since I was 18 years old. It’s strange, feeling so much love for someone who is basically a stranger. You have your cell phones in your pockets? Do you have brothers? Call them. Say hello.