Because between last night and tonight I’ve gotten a cold, because ever so suddenly fall is here, because my telephone won’t work–

Because I’m in love with someone on the other side of the ocean I grew up with.

Because my friends are breaking each other’s hearts, or moving away, or getting old, or staying the same, or getting into bicycle accidents, or standing in the middle of a room after a shower and looking at a reflection in a window and thinking, jesus, what am I doing with my life?

Sometimes you are standing, 22 years old, at a bus stop that is not even a bus stop, eating Lunchables out of a black plastic bag, on the verge of tears, or maybe just a yawn.

Sometimes you imagine a woman lying naked on a huge block of ice, and a patient man with a razor, shaving the ice into snow. 

Sometimes even though you hate hate hate airplanes, your golden birthday is coming up, and all you want is that ticket, and those eyes.