uncomfy times all around

a friend’s post about processed chicken, which was super gross but interesting, lead me down an unexpected path of horror– anorexia tumblrs. there are so many of them. i guess i should have known– did livejournal not prepare me? or better yet, opendiary? all those creepy self-injury blogs I read at 15? but i guess i just hadn’t thought about it. tumblr is good format for it, thousands of girls circulating the same photos of women who don’t get their periods and faint a lot and have no sex drives. 

i don’t really want to link to any of them, for one because girls with such fragile egos would probably not take it well, and i’d feel weirdly implicated by further distributing the content, but they’re there. so many of them. 

it’s been a long, shitty day and I feel defeated. an adorable hedgehog is dying today. i’m sorry, buddy.

long story short: ladies, it is okay to eat, because one day you won’t be able to eat ever again. or maybe you will just be irresponsible like me, and not always have money to buy food.