the body

anonymous answers to “what makes your nervous” and “when has a part of your body felt outside of your control”?

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crushes make me nervous

I don’t like the mole on my back being pulled

spitting blood in the cvs parking lot

my clit during orgasm is out of control

At 3:34pm on February 1st, I was surprised by someone, a person I didn’t want to see. I felt invaded. At one point, we became engaged physically, and rage began to direct my body. I felt unconscious. Out of control. 

Wake up. The body next to you is yours. The body you are in is yours. They are both on lease–one from heartache, one from death. Here, let us take solace in the light of morning, in the smell of smoke, in the sound of fabric moving. The shape of your mouth on my face will keep the world at bay, for a moment.

When men sleep, their souls nest in their shoulders, fluttering through collarbone and scapula, wire’s glow and muscle’s sheen. I link my fingers with the tendrils of sleep and this sweet pacing lulls me. I am always on fire, I am always on fire.