“Oh Sister // Ferris Wheel on Fire” by Neutral Milk Hotel // Ferris Wheel on Fire 10” (1995/2011 re-issue)

Walking Wall of Words premiered a previously unreleased track from the forthcoming Neutral Milk Hotel box-set, and it does not disappoint. At this point everyone knows what to expect from Jeff Mangum’s world, so I won’t bother trying to describe it in words that will surely pale in comparison to simply pressing play. 

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Jeff Mangum is back. He wrote some of the most beautiful songs of recent years, then sequestered himself away to the nervous breakdowns of a recluse, to emerge only occasionally in a flurry of rumors. He’s recording, he’s touring, he’s releasing songs I’ve loved on horrible bootleg audio for years. Guys, I don’t know if you know how much this means to me. I traveled to a high school auditorium in suburban Massachusetts so see a room of teenagers sing his songs, and it was beautiful. This music is… important to me somehow. Ferris Wheel on Fire is one of those songs I listen to over and over and over again when I’m alone and feel strange.