april 16, 2015 - sid branca

i’ve been losing my patience lately, just sort of generally
the more I fuck up the less I can tolerate the failings of others
the timer is about to go off
and I find myself briefly de-prioritizing kindness
and yes I know how regrettable that is

you throw your mexican beer against a concrete wall
and I’m pissed because we’re talking about politics
and you’re pissed because your heart is a goddamn freight train
and you’re not sure why the line’s been stopped so long

I try to tell myself there’s something comforting in knowing
that everyone else is fucking up about as often as I am
all the canceled meetings and answered phone calls
and the irresponsible late-nights and unwise mornings

don’t let it stress you out, kid,
the world forgives because the world forgets

just because your great-uncle pitched The Shot Heard Round The World
don’t mean there’s a wikipedia page every time you drop the ball

whatever happened to being punk as fuck
whatever happened to giving your superego a rest
whatever happened to baby js and forty ounces
whatever happened to a little self-love, a little love of others

remember: April will be over soon

remember: after a long day of dumb shit, you still got to listen to The Cure in the dark and come like six or seven or eight times and in the morning hang out with a pig-like dog while drinking coffee

remember: better times are coming
remember: times just ain’t that hard