This bed is a ship | Sid Branca's online journal of writing scraps

This bed is a ship is a sporadically updated internet journal, 
a home for odd scraps of writing.

I have pissed in your wine. I have broken your boards. I have burned down your house. A Balkan brass band is playing at your funeral. O Earth, I am a clumsy seductress. This brie is melting down my chin and my cunt is in the ocean, at the bottom of the sea. The names of bright-eyed men, and lord, the women too, are the shimmering rocks.

I want to burn you in my memory, give you the keys to my house of fear. My tongue in your mouth is a catechism, and I would let you baptize me in spit and tar. Let’s climb all the trees in the city. Let’s climb the stairs from the gravel to your room. Let’s, let’s.

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