I use video elements in much of my work -- see also: my multimedia projects, performance work that often incorporates video, and my video / projection design work for theater and music -- but this page features my stand-alone experimental short films and video pieces.

My Father’s Name
digital video with sound, 2018
shot & edited by Sid Branca

Sid Branca and Max Perenchio
digital video with sound, 2018
shot and edited by Sid Branca
sound by Max Perenchio
performances by Sid Branca, Max Perenchio, Brian Selke, Nicola Sargent, Liz Pompe, Dana Snoo, Justine K, Yella, Sunny Bee Schoen

The Feminine Touch
digital video with sound, 2017
performances by Emily Esperanza and Sid Branca
shot and edited by Sid Branca
note: contains blood, is possibly NSFW

But Who Will Be Famous, When We Are Dead?
digital video with sound, 2016

digital video with sound, 2015
shot in Waco, TX, text written and recorded in Chicago, IL, commissioned by Justin Velander Holt

the subtitled version of Penelope:

A Suppliant of Glamour
digital video, 2014

digital video with sound, 2014
camera: Chelsey Shilling

digital video with sound, 2013
video by Sid Branca and Lauren Piper Caldwell, sound by Tim Schaefer, analog video assistance from Brian Klein
Be sure to watch in HD for an increasingly unsettling experience. For maximum effect, use the last of your laptop battery during a power outage, alone, accompanied only by the rustling of tree limbs and a scent you can't quite place but that seems oddly familiar. Stale peppermint, perhaps, or burning paper, dirt. Potential epilepsy trigger warning