Palm Sunday is a gothic synthwave duo based in Los Angeles. Imagine John Carpenter in a band fronted by Nancy from The Craft, writing murder ballads you can dance to.
Farragut and Sid Branca share longstanding interests in theatricality and terror. Farragut is a lifelong horror buff inspired by the scores of Carpenter and Goblin as well as the rhythmic moodiness of Depeche Mode, while Sid’s lyrics are influenced by violent tragedies from the Oresteia to the songs of Nick Cave.

Palm Sunday - A Boy’s Best Friend (single, 2018)


Palm Sunday - Loom (EP, 2016)

Loom is our first EP, recorded in 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. Stream it in the player here, or download the EP for pay-what-you-want on Palm Sunday's bandcamp page



Sid Branca - MURDERE$$
covers album, 2014

MURDERE$$ is a covers album of pop songs and/as murder ballads that I made for fun and practice in the summer of 2014. Stream or download it for free here or on bandcamp